Saturday, July 20, 2002


The Parsley Island issue has been resolved. The rocky and uninhabited island will be off-limits to Moroccoan and Spanish soldiers and flags. And guess who put an end to the insanity over this thing? The United States indeed brokered a deal to satisfy both sides.

From BBC News:
"The breakthrough in the dispute followed intense US mediation efforts after the two sides refused to negotiate directly."

Complain all you want about the U.S. playing big brother everywhere in the world. But when two countries go as low as to trigger a dispute that serious out of a piece of rock that is only "visited by herdsmen who take their goats to graze", it makes you wonder what the world would be like without the cooler heads from across the Atlantic.

Friday, July 19, 2002


I always appreciate a good French-hate site. I find F*** too low and childish as it constantly goes for insulting exagerrations. But Middle East Realities pointed me to FranceWatch, which is hosted on the American Enterprise site. This one is funny and inventive. For example, they claim that France is responsible for "just about every recent war" and make a list, including:

World War II: After Germany rolls over France's pathetically under-prepared army, France rolls over on its back for its new occupiers, handing over Jews by the boxcar-load while shamelessly opening her wine cellars to the Hun. After the war is won by the Americans and British, most of the French population claim they were heroes in La Resistance. (Side effect: Resultant angst produces stupid philosophies such as existentialism.)

The Middle East: Still filled with shame at their collaborationist ways in WWII, and possessing an anti-Semitic streak, French intellectuals decide that bloodthirsty Arab dictators who murder children and women in their beds are the obvious moral superiors of Israelis and proceed to stuff container ships full of money and send them to the Palestinian Authority, which uses the cash to buy Semtex, grenades, and baby wipes. (Side effect: Arabs hate us instead of hating France.)

Thursday, July 18, 2002


Back to bloggin', with a nice link for all you looking more reasoned voices from Europe: read Innocents Abroad, a new blog from Geneva with European and American contributors.

A quote: "There is a great deal of irony in the spectacle of the EU Commissioner for External Relations expressing disappointment with the US for failing to sign up to the ICC. The promotion and advancement of humanitarian values is often cited as a key EU focus by Europe’s political and media elite. Europe’s bureaucrats and opinion makers constantly deride the horrors of war while espousing the sanctity of humanity. But when it comes to enforcing these values, it’s not the Europeans in the forefront, because, in military terms, Europe is at best a second-tier player. The EU folk love to strut their humanitarian moralism, but it’s this same moralism that undermines the militaristic virtues needed to defend morality. In short, Europe is unable to transfer its morality into power."

Way to go!