Monday, June 24, 2002


La mère de Zacarias Moussaoui ne comprend pas comment son fils a développé une telle haine de l'Amérique (il a déclaré devant le tribunal "prier pour la destruction des Etats-Unis"):

"Je ne comprends pas, quand il était jeune il adorait les films américains et portait toujours des vêtements de style américain."

Is CNN trying to make up for Ted Turner's comments (accusing Israel of terror)? Looks like it if you check out today's homepage on Usually, they stick to breaking news and simply have links to the dossiers and "in-depth" analysis at the bottom of a news story. This time, the main headline is "Israel's enormous toll" and the first sentence introduces us to a kind of writing rarely seen on

"If you went to a baseball game tonight, and looked around, you would see about 25,000 other fans. If you were living in Israel, one of you would likely be killed in a terrorist attack in the next six months."

The story tells the horrorific story of Pnina Eisenman, who lost her mother and daughter and was badly injured in a suicide bombing. It's a very moving story but also an obvious attempt to repair the reputation of CNN, who is criticized in Israel for giving more airtime to the families of suicide bombers than the families of the victims.

Here in France, the media is blatantly critical of the Israelis (and does not apologize for it) There is growing concern over this trend: see, a fantastic website attempting to provide unbiased information in French about the Middle-East. But 'old media' is not used to listening to complainers, advertisers don't have any influence and so it continues. The French youth adopt an attitude of defiance and opposition to the Israelis because of this concensus in the press that systematically implies that both Israelis and Palestnians are responsible for the tragedy. I realize CNN, network TV and major newspapers in the US are criticized for the same reasons but here we have virtually no commentators, pundits or talk radio hosts of national stature who will counter this trend on a daily basis. That's why I stopped relying on the French media for information on the conflict, except of course!

Sunday, June 23, 2002


J'ai enfin acheté le livre d'Oriana Fallaci, La Rage et l'Orgueil. Le seul effet du procès intenté par le MRAP aura été une publicité immense: Le livre est #1 sur Mes commentaires dès que je l'aurai fini et digéré.